Sending Prescriptions Electronically is the Smart Way

Allscripts provides physicians with a leading ePrescribe solution that allows prescribers the ability to enter, review, sign, send and track history for all controlled and non-controlled prescriptions. Using the solution can reduce inefficiencies tied to paper prescriptions. This includes the ability to electronically send CII's!

  • No more handwriting and faxing over scripts.
  • RXPERTS supports the use of electronic prescribing. Simply follow the link to create an account and start enjoying the benefits of electronic prescribing!
  • RXPERTS can begin to receive your orders instantly and start to process for next delivery. Please contact your local pharmacy if you have any questions prior to signing up.

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Are you taking full advantage of electronic prescribing? Sending prescriptions electronically with ePrescribe will save
you time, money and paper.